Grey and orange kitten sleeping on a desk

Love in a Fur-wrapped Bundle

The joys of kittens.

The newest additions to my household have been with us for two months now. The day after Thanksgiving, I took in two pathetic and sick rescue kittens. I intended to nurse them back to health and send them off to their forever home. My resolve lasted until my mother-in-law died

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Grief over death

The Aftermath of a Death

I’m okay, are you okay?

The husband and I have been lying low for a few days. We’re trying to take it easy and not expect too much from ourselves. We’re doing good overall, but sometimes it’s a continual check if the other person is doing okay. I think it’s easy to get stuck in

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It’s January 1st, Shall we Diet?

No, no we won't!

Starting a diet on January 1st is so unoriginal. Everyone and their cat is doing it, but yet every year I tell myself I’m going to eat healthier on that day. New Year’s came too fast this year, and I intended to go back to eating low carb on January

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Holiday & Novel

The universe spoke and I answered.

Do one thing every day that scares you. Eleanor Roosevelt The 2020 holiday season is rough for my family. My mother-in-law passed away a week ago from COVID and my husband and I discussed doing a low-key Christmas this year. I’m thankful we chose that before she passed away and

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Does this have to be YOUR mother before you care?

Why is today different? Today is the day I became angry. Since the pandemic started, I have a loose daily routine. I get up, get coffee, give meds to my cat, check email, quickly peruse Facebook/social media, then attempt to work. Like most people working strictly from home, I struggle

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