The Aftermath of a Death

I’m okay, are you okay?

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Grief over death
Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

The husband and I have been lying low for a few days. We’re trying to take it easy and not expect too much from ourselves. We’re doing good overall, but sometimes it’s a continual check if the other person is doing okay. I think it’s easy to get stuck in your head after the death of a family member and then pop out of it and wonder how your partner is feeling. It might seem stupid when I keep asking him if he’s okay, but I also need the reassurance he is, or I need the head’s up if he isn’t. I think experiencing so much grief this year has helped prepare us for this loss. It’s like January 2020 all over again; same junk, different year.

My mom once told me that after my father died when I was six months old, she appreciated having two young kids. She said it helped keep her life from falling apart because she didn’t have the option of not taking care of us. I know my aunt helped a ton afterwards, and she had a lot of family support, which she was thankful for. I think the husband and I owning a house is helping us. We don’t have the option of falling apart and not working, though I also don’t think we’re anywhere close to that level. It’s just been a thought in the back of my mind.

Other than that, just enjoying the kittens and introducing them to the entire house. It’s cute to see a kitten pack running around together. They don’t leave each other’s side much. My diet didn’t start on January 2nd, but that’s a story for another day.

Additional Reading

I’ve still been writing blog posts over on Medium this week and getting a small following over there and positive feedback. I wrote a blog yesterday about grief. If anyone cares to read it, here’s the link (As always it’s my friend’s link so you can see it without paying).

Does the Trauma from Grief Ever End? – By April Callaway

Sometimes I wish Medium didn’t have a paywall. I see wonderful articles that I want to share, but I know everyone can only see three free per month. So if anyone hasn’t reached their three free ones, a gal named Mary DeVries wrote an eloquent post about grief. It’s worth the read.

The Equations of Grief: How much is Reasonable and Who Deserves to Grieve? – By Mary DeVries

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