It’s January 1st, Shall we Diet?

No, no we won't!

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Image by Myriams-Fotos from Pixabay

Starting a diet on January 1st is so unoriginal. Everyone and their cat is doing it, but yet every year I tell myself I’m going to eat healthier on that day. New Year’s came too fast this year, and I intended to go back to eating low carb on January 1st. But I needed to prepare! There were things left to eat.

The holidays have been a blur; Thanksgiving and Christmas snuck up on me as well. Last night, December 31st, I realized my pantry and fridge had WAY too many carbs in them. Who was going to finish my leftover Chinese fried rice and sweet and sour chicken? I bought some Spanish peanuts to make peanut brittle over Christmas and never did. I only had one more day! What about the 6 servings of orange Jello salad that I just prepared? My list could go on; English muffins, frozen tater tots, strawberry ice cream. My brain claims this all cost money and it would be a waste to toss it out, and should we be squandering food during a pandemic? I say no.

I’ve only been eating carbs for three weeks. A part of me isn’t ready to go back and restrict my sugar intake again. Logically, I know it needs to happen, but I figure one more day won’t hurt and it may make me happier. Tossing out perfectly good Chinese food leftovers would have hurt me deep in my soul. This way I avoided unnecessary pain. So I am eating carbs for one more night, though sad that I can’t make the peanut brittle because I forgot to buy corn syrup. I will have to accept that it was the will of god. God didn’t want me to have homemade peanut brittle this year.

I ended up taking a couple day break from editing my book and wrote some articles on Medium. For people who follow me on Facebook, you have seen the posts. I wanted to keep this blog separate from my posts about ADHD but upon further investigation it may end up all on this blog, while still using Medium as well. For anyone curious, you can click here to see my ADHD post. Medium is a subscriber-based platform, but I can share a link to my story that anyone can see, even if they aren’t a subscriber.

Taking a break from editing the book was good for me. I’ve gotten positive feedback on my Medium posts, which helped boost my self-confidence. I’m a better article writer than I am a fiction writer currently, but I just keep telling myself that Rome wasn’t built in a day. I can already recognize I’m a better writer than I was November 1st while doing the edit, which is encouraging. Maybe the third draft will show an astounding skill increase also? Though, I hit my first snag in writing my novel. I changed a major plot point and removed an important section so now I’m trying to figure out how to get from A to C when removing B. I think a couple days break from that enigma will help me come back at it with fresh eyes.

So for anyone reading my book on Wattpad, Chapter 4 may take a while to post since I am still working out my plot puzzle.

Here’s to wishing 2021 is a better year for everyone, and hopefully my brain isn’t too cranky without the carbs tomorrow.



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